EverQuest Next Landmark Gamescom Livestream Highlights

EverQuest Next Landmark Gamescom Livestream Highlights

The first EverQuest Next livestream just completed and, although it was brief (and began later than scheduled), Director of Development, Dave Georgeson, gave us some great new information on EverQuest Next Landmark. Here are the highlights.

Adventurer Class

When you start playing Landmark, you'll pick a character and customize it. You'll also be able to play an Adventurer class right from the get-go. Your character can transfer over to EverQuest Next at launch. Georgeson explained that this would allow players to familiarize themselves with a class and prepare to multiclass from day one of the EverQuest Next launch.

Starting Areas and Travel

Today's presentation put an end to the question about travel... at least in EverQuest Landmark. When you come into the world, you'll start at what Georgeson referred to as a "landmark" starting location. There's a huge, epic monument at every landmark that will help players identify certain locations. SOE intends for these areas to become social hubs. Wizard spires allow for transport between areas, and even facilitate "easy travel between worlds." (Yes, that means what you think it means. Georgeson later confirmed on Twitter that he did indeed mean that players in Landmark will be able to travel between servers.) Once you're in the world, you'll be able to travel the landscape of your choice, and then select the perfect spot to build on and plant your claim flag. Georgeson mentioned that players can collect more than one claim and link them together, although he provided no further details.


Georgeson provided a quick overview of some of Landmark's features. They are:

  • Tiered content
  • 5-6 environments
  • A ley line network for point-to-point travel
  • Heroic movement (the parkour-style movement detailed in previous presentations)
  • Mounts

"We consider Landmark to be the gateway to EverQuest Next. We want the players to be able to help us build the new world together."
    - Dave Georgeson


Once they're out in the world, players will begin collecting resources with which to build. Georgeson explained that tools affect the quality of items players can gather--better tools mean better items. There will be crafting stations located around the world, and as you gather resources and recipes, you'll be able to create better tools. There will be open air market stalls in Landmark allowing players to sell their wares.

Not only will players be able to build on any given site they claim, they'll be able to change the terrain. You'll be able to give other players certain permissions related to your claim, which allows you to build cooperatively if you choose.

Georgeson explained that on every Landmark world, there is a continent devoted solely to EverQuest Next architecture and art development. This means that players will be building out creations with the potential for being used in EverQuest Next. "Imagine thousands of players participating across the world for months or years at a time," said Georgeson. "You're going to be walking through other people's imaginations as you play Landmark."

Check out three time-lapse gameplay demo videos from Landmark to see building in action.

MMO Features

"This is not just a building game," Georgeson said, "This is an MMO." As such, Landmark will have many features suited to massively multiplayer gameplay. They include:

  • Friends lists
  • Guild structure
  • Co-op Buildouts
  • Text chat
  • VoIP chat
  • SOEMote
  • Leaderboards (players will be able to vote Landmark-created items up/down)
  • In-game tools to allow you to record your build process and create a time lapse video to showcase your work

Player Studio

SOE's Player Studio will play a big role in Landmark and EverQuest Next. Player Studio tools announced today include:

  • An achievement system
  • Filter and Follow elements - You can search for items and players, and follow that search result or player
  • Real Estate - You'll be able to package your claim and sell it on the Marketplace as real estate

More Incoming

Georgeson explained that there are more Landmark tools still in development, and they'll be announced at a later date. For now, though, we have a fair bit of new information to discuss. Add your thoughts in the comments!




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