Ask the Druid - What to Sell When Landmark’s Player Studio Launches

Ask the Druid - What to Sell When Landmark’s Player Studio Launches

Are towers and castles really going to sell when SOE launches Player Studio for Landmark? Probably not, since players will want to build their own. What will sell, then? The Wise Druid encourages potential Player Studio sellers to think small.

Dear Wise Druid,

I feel like I’m missing the point of Player Studio and Landmark. So, if I understand it right, I’m supposed to build a tower or something, and then sell my tower to other players so they can build castles. But from what I’ve seen, most of the players out there are perfectly capable of building their own damn towers, so who’s going to want to buy mine? I can’t for the life of me figure out what sort of things people are going to sell with Player Studio. Can you enlighten me?


Apparently Not a Salesman

My Dearest Not-a-Salesman,

I know where that whole “build a tower, then sell it to people building castles” example came from - Dave Georgeson, Director of Development for the EverQuest franchise, has been using it frequently to illustrate how Player Studio will work. Player A makes a tower, then Player B buys the tower and Player A gets a cut of that purchase price. Player B uses four towers to build a really cool castle, then Player B sells his castle to other players and he gets his cut, plus player A gets a royalty - everybody wins!

It’s a cool example, but it doesn’t map out the kinds of things players are really going to buy through Player Studio. You’re right - I probably don’t need to buy a tower to build my castle because I’ll create the tower myself. But there are plenty of things I might buy. Here’s a list of some of the things I predict will sell well through Player Studio:

  • Patterned inlays and textures. There are super-builders out there doing amazing things with player-discovered techniques such as micro-voxels, zero-data voxels and anti-voxels. Have you seen them? They’re impressive. They’re also detailed and fussy to make. If you’re impatient, like me, you’re simply not going to want to mess with them. Even so, you might want a really cool textured or inlaid design on your walls. Enter Player Studio sellers!
  • Small features and created props. A while ago, while planting the garden in my druid grove, I thought it would be cool to have an intricate gazebo. The thing was, I didn’t really have the patience or the skills to create said gazebo. Because Player Studio isn’t in Landmark alpha at this time, I ended up making something that sort of looks like a gazebo, but is by no means intricate. Had I access to Player Studio, I would have bought a gazebo, instead. Ditto things like wells, trellises, unique voxel-made furniture, and other smallish decorative items.
  • Small buildings. If I’m building a village or town, I might look into buying small buildings for that town so I can fill it out while focusing on the bigger features that are more fun to create.
  • Anything tricky to make. Spiral staircases, uniquely curved structures, detailed baseboards and moldings, fancy stained glass windows, tapestries and rugs made with voxels and inlay technique...all these types of things seem destined to sell because, you guessed it, it’s a pain to make them. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Except the awesome builders - they have time and talent, and people will probably buy their creations.

I’ve learned a lot about how the marketplace for player-created stuff works through playing The Sims for the past 14 years or so. I’ve seen what people download (often through paid third-party modding sites), and I have reason to believe things won’t be all that different with Landmark. As a rule, when I play The Sims, I’m not downloading entire Sims characters; I’m picking up the individual pieces so I can make the ones I create look cool. I’m downloading clothing, makeup and hairstyles. I build my own houses (and I’m good at it, too), but I often want to fill out the rest of my town with houses I’ve downloaded from other players, just to quickly bring in some variety and get rid of the “stock” constructs. When building houses, I download wallpapers, windows, cabinets, furniture, rugs, paintings, get the picture. These are all the types of little things that make my game experience richer because a robust modding (or in Landmark’s case, building) community exists.

So, there you have it. If you’re a builder of intricate, detailed things, or you’re on the cutting edge of discovering how to use mind-blowing techniques like zero-data voxels, you’ll probably find a way to make some money with Player Studio, and I’ll probably want to buy your stuff. If making some spare cash with Player Studio is your goal, think small. Your huge fancy castle may be cool, and I’ll probably even stop by to admire it, but I want to build something fancy of my own. Don’t sell me the whole castle; it’s your Celtic knot tapestry I’m really interested in.

Yours very truly,



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