Become a Community Contributor

Become a Community Contributor

Become a Community Contributor on EQHammer!

The team at EQHammer is pleased to present a brand new feature that gives the passionate gamers of the EverQuest franchise a platform for sharing their knowledge, experiences, and creations with fellow community members.

In the spirit of EverQuest Next: Landmark, the team at EQHammer is giving our community the tools to help create your own guides, articles, or even Player Studio pages right here on our site. Continue reading for full details on how to get started and become an Official EQHammer Community Contributor!


Share your expert knowledge of the EverQuest franchise with your fellow community members by posting your own custom guides.


Itching to create your very own EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha journal? Now you can!

Player Studio

Looking to sell items through Player Studio? Create pages to help promote your creations, or inform the community about what you're currently working on.

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How to Become a Community Contributor

1. Choose which type of page you would like to contribute

A single interface allows for free-form page creation, but we've added some basic categories to help readers find your pages faster.

The current options include Guide, Blog, and Player Studio, though others may be added in the future.

Simply click on the handy "Contribute" button above to get started.

Please note: If you're a new user, you'll need to register first by visiting the Member Signup page.

2. Follow the page creation instructions

We've kept the interface for page creation simple, but allow for plenty of flexibility when it comes to how you want to format your contributions.

Along with full WYSIWYG options for text formatting, the system also supports images and video embeds.

The creation screen also provides tips that help guide you through the creation process for those of you who may not be as familiar with web authoring tools. For a complete guide to page creation, you can also visit this page.

3. Submit your contribution

Upon submission, first time users will have their pages added to our moderation queue. This is largely to help prevent spam or other inappropriate content from finding its way onto the site. First time submissions may take up to 24 hours to publish, so if this is your first time using the system it may take a bit for your page to show up on the site.

Once you've had your first contributions approved by our editorial team, it will be published for the world to see. Congrats!

  • Once approved, your contributions will appear on your user page on the site, and we'll send you an email to let you know your page has been approved.

  • You'll also earn a nifty new badge that denotes you are an Official EQHammer Community Contributor. This will appear both on your user page, as well as on any pages you create.

  • Readers will be able to find your pages in the Community Corner section of our front page, and our editors may even promote our top picks to our main content feed (we'll even blast it out over our social media channels!)

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