EverQuest 2 Expansion Announcement - Tears of Veeshan

EverQuest 2 Expansion Announcement - Tears of Veeshan

At the EverQuest franchise keynote Thursday, EverQuest II senior producer Holly Longdale announced EQ2's upcoming expansion, Tears of Veeshan. The expansion moves along the Ages End Prophecy storyline. The great prismatic dragon, Kerafyrm, has stolen the Tear of Veeshan and killed the wise and ancient dragon, Yelinak, who was helping the Combine army deal with The Awakened threat. With the Combine army of Norrath in tatters, saving Norrath, of course, falls to you.

A High Level Dungeon Expansion

Yelinak the AncientTears of Veeshan, which SOE is referring to as their "high level dungeon" expansion, will feature one overland zone and 9 dungeons. The new overland zone, the Eternal Broodlands, is the haven to which dragons go when they die, and features a number of dragons in themed areas. There, players will follow the main storyline and connect again with Yelinak. The expansion will also reintroduce classic the EverQuest zones of High Keep and the Temple of Veeshan.

Some of the new features coming to Norrath with Tears of Veeshan include:

  • A new mission system
  • New dragon themed Alternate Advancement abilities, which will be available at level 10
  • AA cap increase by 20 points to a total of 340
  • New mercenary slots
  • An expanded guild hall system
  • Improved dungeon finder and battlegrounds matchmaker

New Class - The Channeler

Tears of Veeshan will also introduce a new class to EQ2, the Channeler. The Channeler is a priest archetype that uses a bow and wears leather armor. But even cooler, he has a construct pet. Players will be able to customize their constructs by gathering parts and abilities as well as appearance spells.

Dragons have become an overarching theme for the EverQuest franchise, so it's easy to speculate that we'll be hearing a lot more about them in EverQuest Next.



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