Jeremy Soule Unveiled as EverQuest Next Composer

Jeremy Soule Unveiled as EverQuest Next Composer

During the welcome reception keynote at SOE Live this evening, Skyrim and Guild Wars 2 composer Jeremy Soule was unveiled as the composer for EveQuest Next. Those attending the event, as well as fans tuning in on Twitch TV, were able to hear an early version of Soule's first song, Echoes of Things to Come. Here's the video recap of the announcement.

Smed reminded us that the score is an "early, early, early" version of the theme to EverQuest Next. He described it as "rough" and "all synth," implying a symphonic score to come. If you'd like to check out the entire keynote address, you'll find it on Twitch TV. Make sure you're tuned in to our SOE Live Event Center at 12 PM Pacific on Friday, August 2nd for the EverQuest Next debut.

Can anything top the EverQuest theme? Is it appropriate for a brand new game, specifically designed to be a new evolution of the franchise, to have a brand new theme? Share your thoughts!

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