Landmark - January Livestream Recap

Landmark - January Livestream Recap

If you missed the EverQuest Next Landmark live stream event on Wednesday, January 15th, never fear - EQHammer has your back! We've rounded up all the latest tidbits of information on the upcoming fan event and hands-on demo in San Diego at the end of this month, as well as details on Landmark claims and other assorted goodies.

True to the longstanding, time-honored tradition we began...well, last month, we've collected all the new info SOE has released in the course of their monthly livestream on this, the first livestream event of 2014.  Enough talk, let's jump right in!

SOE Campus Event


  • You will not be able to prevent people from entering your claim, but you will have the ability to toggle whether they are visible or hidden.
  • If you give people permission to create usable/interactable things in your claim, such as a crafting forge, you can also give people permission to use them (or not, as you prefer).  There are going to be many levels of permission.

  • The current claim size is 70x70x100 (in meters).

  • During alpha, a hard limit on the number of claims you may have will be enforced. Later on, however, the hard limit will be relaxed in favor of a practical limit, determined by escalating upkeep/maintenance costs.

  • SOE does not want abandoned claims to exist, so they're introducing upkeep/maintenance, similar to Ultima Online's housing system.

  • If your upkeep lapses, everything you have will be saved. You will also be able to reclaim that area if nobody else has claimed it in the meantime.

  • Claims can be made adjacent (so that you can effectively expand your zone of control), and you can build across claim boundaries, as well.

  • Other people’s claims can be viewed as a grey square, additionally you can view them on the map (or toggle them off if you prefer).


  • you can also search for things based on tags (for example, castles only, or scifi-themed only) and the map will automatically filter what it shows you.  Claims will be tagged by their owners.

  • You will be able to rate other people’s claims, and ratings will also be a search criteria on the map.

  • On entering a claim, you will see the claim's name and description at the top of your screen.  The claim owner sets these. They will also be searchable criteria on the map.

  • This will all be handled from a claim-management UI. You will also have the opportunity to set a name and description when you first make a claim.

  • Claiming is instant, there is no set-up period.

  • Claims will have local storage - each claim will have a number of chests. These are in addition to your inventory and global vaults.  Specific chests are not global, you have to go to the chest you put an item in, to retrieve it.

  • Claims are locked to the grid, and cannot be dynamically rotated. This is for ease-of-use and efficiency, not because of technical limitations.

  • claims will eventually be able to be transferred between players, and can also be sold on player studio.

  • Initially there will be buffer space between your claims and the claims of others, for performance reasons (this means no seamless guild/group builds).  However, this is subject to change based on player feedback and wishes. The final decision will definitely be made based on what the players want.

  • Claims will be wiped at the end of CLOSED beta. Claims will not be wiped at the end of OPEN beta.

  • In the event of any non-character wipe, your work will be packaged and saved, just like in the event of a claim lapse.  Your templates will thus be preserved, even if you lose all your resources and physical claims.

  • Vertical claim expansion is currently not implemented, but they would like to add it at some point particularly for building into the sky.  SOE doesn't want you to do too much underground claiming, however, because a lot of exploration gameplay relies on the underground being free to explore and mine. However, if an overwhelming amount of players want to build, say, subterranean dwarven cities, that might be taken into account and adjusted for.

  • At some post-alpha point, you will not start the game with a claim flag, so you won’t be able to stake your claim right away.  It will however only take you several minutes to get a claim flag.  It’s not much of a roadblock, just a tiny one intended to stop a person from claim-spamming via multiple fresh accounts.

  • Active claims can be packed up and moved.

  • Further details will be revealed in an upcoming article SOE will publish.

Miscellaneous Landmark Info

  • Anything you mine or gather on one server will remain in your inventory if you travel to a different server.
  • New feature: Devtalk. Hitting a key will bring up Devtalk mode, where different parts of your screen will be highlighted/overlaid with notations discussing the developers' plans for each part. At the bottom of the screen will be a link to the forums, for discussion. Devtalk will eventually be expanded to cover direct communication with the developers. Both developers and players themselves will be able to leave notations, which will work kind of like stickynotes.
  • In addition to the map, there will be a compass and other navigational aids, particularly for finding your claims.

  • You will be able to unlock items that will permit fast travel, including to your claim.  These are called “ley lines”.

  • There will be no combat in alpha.

  • There will be some crafting in alpha, but it will not be feature-complete.

  • Check out some screenshots of a teased NPC monster, the Chomper:


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