Landmark Resource Guide Tier 2

Landmark Resource Guide Tier 2

You’ve completed the tier 1 resource gauntlet in EverQuest Next: Landmark, so now it’s time to start collecting higher tier resources for some of those extra special items that you’ve been wanting to litter your new claim with.

Thanks to Wednesday’s update, there should be plenty of new plots waiting to be claimed, so grab one of those if you haven’t already, and if you need to get caught up on what’s available for tier 1.

While the next tier of harvesting tools will provide you with a few new options for metals and gems, it looks as though wood takes a skip for now, something that may get tweaked during alpha. So for now you’ll be relying on the previous tier version of wood (Plain Wood, Burled Wood, and Stripped Wood) for a while longer.

Tools that you'll need for the current list of resources in this tier include the following:

  • Bronze Pick: 15 Plain Wood Planks, 45 Tourmaline, 1 Copper Pick, 15 Elemental Tin, 5 Burled Wood Planks, and 8 Tin Ingots.
  • Iron Pick: 3 Burled Wood, 45 Aquamarine, 15 Elemental Iron, 30 Plain Wood Planks, and 15 Iron Ingots
  • Silversteel Pick:  20 Plain Wood Planks, 60 Topaz, 20 Elemental Silver, 7 Burled Wood Planks, 10 Silver Ingots, and 1 Iron Pick

Iron: Dark gray and chunky in appearance. Found above ground and often plentiful in desert areas.
Rare: Elemental Iron
Required Tool:Bronze Pick

Aquamarine: Aqua colored
Required Tool:Bronze Pick

Silver: As the name indicates, silver is silver with a grainy surface in appearance. It can be found on the surface and under iron.
Rare: Elemental Silver
Required Tool: Iron Pick

Topaz: Appears as a big chunky yellow vein and often appears on the surface in sandy areas but also beneath some other nodes.
Required Tool: Iron Pick

Tungsten: Tungsten is dark green in appearance and can often be found in desert areas in plentiful supply.
Rare: Elemental Tungsten
Required Tool: Silversteel Pick

Agate: Yellowish in color and commonly found in desert areas as well as beneath other resources.
Required Tool: Founder's Pick or Copper Pick

Marble: Smooth and white in appearance. I've noticed that hillsde deposits often tend to run deep.
Required Tool: Silversteel Pick


And that wraps up tier 2. Stay tuned for tier 3.

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