Landmark Live Highlights - Teleports Are Coming, EQ Turns 15 and More

Landmark Live Highlights - Teleports Are Coming, EQ Turns 15 and More

It’s the week of GDC (the Game Developers Conference), and some of the key players in the EQN Landmark team (including Dave Georgeson) are at the event. So, instead of featuring primarily Landmark discussions, the March 19th edition of Landmark Live was a tribute to the EverQuest franchise, featuring the Community Managers from the EQ games.

This edition was probably more fun to watch than it is newsworthy, but there are some tidbits about what to expect in the Thursday Landmark update.

Featured Guests

Ry “Roshen” Schueller - EverQuest Community Manager (@Roshen)
Margaret “Luperza” Krohn - EverQuest 2 Community Manager (@PurrfectStorm)
Colette “Dexella” Murphy - EverQuest Next / Landmark Community Manager (@DexellaCM)
Omeed “Ozone” Dariani - Senior Brand Manager, EQ Franchise (@omeed)
Simon Cox - Director of Programming, Games, @ WIkia (phone interview)

The Wikia EverQuest Portal

Wikia Director of Programming, Simon Cox, phoned in to talk about the EQ franchise portal on Wikia. There’s currently a sweepstakes at where players can win EQ and EQ2 expansions as well as Landmark Trailblazer packs for registering and commenting. Check the portal for details. Has EQ Tees

The team was sporting t-shirts from for the show tonight. (All except for Omeed. Poor Omeed.) Over the next few months, Jinx will introduce an entire line of EQ-related products. Although Omeed warned that there would probably be no “Ask me about my meatbeast” t-shirts for obvious reasons, the team invites players to tweet the devs with their ideas.

EverQuest and EverQuest 2 Year of EverQuest Happenings

Ry Schueller and Margaret Krohn recapped what’s new and upcoming in EQ and EQ2 respectively. We recently revealed that information in our interview with the producers, so I invite you to hop over and read the interview (which also contains some juicy Landmark info) for the details if you haven’t already.

A few highlights:

  • EQ just celebrated its 15th anniversary on Sunday. Congrats to EQ on 15 great years!
  • There’s just one more week for players to get a free level 85 Heroic Character in EverQuest. Get into the game now to get your level 85 toon plus armor, plat, a mount, AAs and more.
  • Bristlebane Day events are coming to EQ2 March 28-April 10.
  • Margaret Krohn encouraged fans to tweet her (@PurrfectStorm) with screenshots of their guild raiding while sporting Landmark Founder’s flags (the EQ2 and EQ in-game items awarded with the purchase of Landmark Founder’s Packs.)
  • EverQuest 2 Live Streams are coming! They’re scheduled to begin April 2nd. The name the community selected, by popular vote, during Landmark Live is EQ2 Insider.

Landmark Update News

  • The next update is scheduled for Thursday, March 20th at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.
  • The update includes:
    • Bug fixes
    • Teleports! You will be able to Teleport to Hub, Claim, and Friend.
    • Parties (Landmark’s term for groups)
    • In-game mail
  • Although this wasn’t mentioned on the live stream, we know that the Twitch TV integration Dave Georgeson teased earlier probably won’t make it into this update due to key players in its implementation being at GDC.
  • Colette encouraged fans to continue sending screenshots of their creations to the team. “All we want to do is show off what you guys are doing!” she enthused.
  • Landmark’s closed beta will launch on or before March 31st. (“I know the day...” teased Maggie Krohn.)


  • SOE’s PR department is seeking an intern for academic credit. Details at
  • Registration will open for SOE Live is opening soon. Get your ticket early. This is a small event and sells out. Omeed will answer questions at SOE Live in exchange for “things wrapped in plastic” and scotch.
  • Omeed commented that he never remembers SOE Live. “Come to SOE Live and forget things...with us!” he said. Who can resist that invitation?
  • If you have a beta code from the Christmas issue of PC Gamer and haven’t used it yet, now is the time. People with those codes will get day-one access to closed beta, but that’s only guaranteed if they’re registered before CB launches.

EverQuest Franchise Team Photos, Circa 1999

We close with some photos of your favorite EQ franchise celebs taken the year EQ launched, 1999.

Omeed in the original Batmobile.

Dave Georgeson, sans ponytail.

Colette "Dexella" Murphy with Oscars and overalls. ("All I see is Blossom." - Omeed)

Emily "Domino" Taylor, Producer, with... Lando Calrissian?

Eric "Mr. Smith" Smith with his then girlfriend, now wife


Ry Schueller with brother and Firiona Vie, "hashtagging before hashtagging was cool."

Margaret "Luperza" Krohn - not 1999, but still retro and full of cute!


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