Buy Your Friends a Landmark Founder's Pack - Gifting Now Available

Buy Your Friends a Landmark Founder's Pack - Gifting Now Available

Planning that perfect holiday gift for the special person in your life that you're desperately trying to get addicted to the same games you're addicted to? (That sounded a whole lot less psychopathic in my head just now than it does rendered in text.) SOE has finally unveiled a gifting option for EverQuest Next Landmark founder's packs. Huzzah!

So, it's time to launch your nefarious plan. If you buy your friend or significant bother (er...other) a founder's pack at the Trailblazer or Explorer level, you're getting them access to the Landmark alpha, and that's a pretty cool gift. (It's a gift for you, too, because you'll have an insta-friend to build and explore with. But you don't need to reveal your ulterior motives.) Get them a Settler pack and they'll get guaranteed, full-time access to Landmark's closed beta. (Everyone else gets time-limited keys that expire in 7 days.)

Decide just how much you love your friends and family--in other words, determine whether they're Trailblazer-worthy--and head over to the official Landmark site to make their holiday.

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