EverQuest Next Landmark Dev Diary - Collection and Inventory

EverQuest Next Landmark Dev Diary - Collection and Inventory

Woohoo! We got a little bit of news about EverQuest Next Landmark and it's about... inventory management. Okay, so that's not the most exciting topic for Landmark's first Dev Diary, but it's something.

We learned about three different types of storage spaces: personal inventory, storage (such as chests) on your claim, and vaults, which can be accessed from various points in the world (similar to banks in other MMOs). Terry Michaels and Jeff Butler give more details in the video. We've also provided a written transcript for those of you who prefer it, or don't have access to video.


EverQuest Next Landmark Developer Diary: Break It, Take It, Make It

Terry Michaels: Hello, and welcome to the first of our Dev Diaries for EverQuest Next Landmark. I’m Terry Michaels. I’m the Senior Producer on EverQuest Next Landmark.

Jeff Butler: I’m Jeff Butler, and I’m the Creative Director for EverQuest Next Landmark.

Terry Michaels: And we’re here today to talk to you about the first of our topics, which is ‘break it, take it, make it.’ It’s all about going out in the world, what you can find, what you can collect, and how you’ll use those things inside the world.

Jeff Butler: Harvesting.

Terry Michaels: Yeah, harvesting, collection, all that sort of stuff. So, when you go out in the world there are more than 50 different resources right now that we’ve defined.

Jeff Butler: Correct. More than 10 metals, 10 types of gems, all broken down into five tiers, which roughly correspond to the depth within the world that you actually find them. So, the point is, through the progression of the game you go out and you harvest these materials--the metals, the gems, the wood, and so on and so forth. And you use those to build tools, and those tools allow you to more rapidly explore through the world, and to harvest better and better items as you dig deeper and explore through the world.

Terry Michaels: Right. And you can also find objects and...

Jeff Butler: Recipes.

Terry Michaels: ...crafting recipes and things like that...that you can also use those resources to help create the things that you see in your imagination.

Jeff Butler: Absolutely. You want to take those resources that you’ve harvested and the better tools that you’ve created, the recipes that you’ve gathered... you want to take them back to your claims to help you build and help you craft.

Terry Michaels: Right. And so, talking about taking things back to your claim, um... the players have a limited inventory, much like people are used to in almost every game.

Jeff Butler: To begin with....

Terry Michaels: Yeah, to begin with. And so, you can expand that by things you find in the world--things you craft, as well--but there are other kinds of inventory as well. Can you talk a little bit about those?

Jeff Butler: Sure. There are three kinds of inventory: your personal inventory, which, as you said, can be expanded; the inventory that you have on your claim--you’ll be able to build chests and place them on your inventory, take the stuff that you’ve harvested and gathered, things you’ve crafted, and dump them off in the chests at your claim. Now, all of those resources would be there at that location, so we have a third concept, which we call the vault. Anywhere you can build a vault, or where you can access one, you can load up the vault, go someplace else where there’s another vault, and when you open it up the things that are in the vault are shared there in all of those locations. So, if I want to go to your claim to help you build, I can simply pull the resources out of my vault if you’ve actually crafted one there.

Terry Michaels: And so, that seems really powerful for cooperative building. And the vault is also... we can expand that over time as well so that players can have more and more storage inside the game.

Jeff Butler: Correct. All three of those inventories can be expanded in one way or another through progression.

Terry Michaels: So, there’s a lot of use for the resources that you get --not just talking about the inventory and things you do on your claim and building, but it’s an integral part to what Landmark is going to be. So, people are going to want to go out there and find these things.

Jeff Butler: Absolutely. It’s all about progression through the game.

Terry Michaels: Okay, so, that should give you some new ideas and thoughts on what we’re doing for EverQuest Next Landmark in this particular area. I look forward to talking to you for the next Dev Diary, which is going to be about globetrotting, and why you go out in the world and explore, and not just for collection.  So, thanks for joining us and we’ll talk with you soon.

Jeff Butler: Thank you.

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