EverQuest Next Landmark to Launch Later This Year

EverQuest Next Landmark to Launch Later This Year

SOE has definitely been playing things close to the vest concerning EverQuest Next up until this point. Not only is the full EverQuest Next MMO being developed, but later this year gamers will be able to get their hands on EverQuest Next Landmark. That’s right folks; there are actually two releases bearing the EQNext branding, the first of which will be out by the end of this year.

In a nutshell, Landmark will allow players to stake a claim on a chunk of land, and from there deform or rebuild it as they see fit. It’s a very advanced world building tool similar to Minecraft, only with some pretty stunning next gen graphic, and a much better suite of tools at your disposal.

There will be different server types, so some will be lore locked, meaning you can only build in ways that would make sense in Norrath and conform to certain guidelines. So if you want to dig into (literally) Landmark and begin building out things you could envision as part of the full EQNext MMO, you’ll be able to safely do so, but there will also be servers with less restrictions on what can be built.

We’ll have a lot more news and info to share about EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark throughout the weekend, but in the meantime be sure to check out the additional info from the official press release found below.


This winter, SOE will introduce EverQuest Next Landmark(Landmark). Essentially, Landmark will combine the powerful and intuitive building tools SOE is using to create the fully destructible world of EQN with all of the social functionality expected from a modern MMO.

The game will feature huge persistent worlds that each support thousands of other players and varied terrain inspired by the environments of EQN. Most importantly, Landmark will provide anyone who wants to participate with the opportunity to actually build structures, and eventually create other types of content, to be considered for inclusion in EQN. Landmark will enable players to: 

Create Amazing Things  

  • Build highly detailed structures with powerful and intuitive tools.
  • Quickly design complex projects or collaborate with friends to undertake massive shared builds.
  • Lay claim to and control specific areas of huge persistent worlds.

Share your Imagination with Friends

  • Landmark’s persistent servers will enable players to interact with and experience the collective imagination of thousands of players in a unique shared world.
  • Players will have compelling reasons to explore and interact with others. They will congregate at crafting hubs, build design templates to share and trade, and journey across the world to collect the resources required to build and craft.

Build EQN with SOE -- Using the Same Tools

  • Landmark players will gain increasing access to many of the same tools that SOE is using to construct the game world of EQN.
  • Not only will Landmark give players access to these world building tools, SOE will provide specific guidance on what we want help building.  
  • Through this collaborative approach, EQN may eventually represent the largest overall collaborative development effort in the history of online games. For anyone who has ever thought about becoming a game developer, here is your chance. Together we will build extraordinary things! 


Landmark will launch this winter as a Free To Play. Your Way.®” offering and the first step in a multi-phase release strategy. It will serve as the gateway to EQN and as the collaborative building hub where SOE will guide the development of selected structures and environments for inclusion in EQN. No formal date is set for the launch of EQN. Additional information, assets and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at www.everquestnext.com.

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