New EverQuest Next Novella Unlocked

New EverQuest Next Novella Unlocked

Another piece of the EverQuest Next lore puzzle has been unveiled. Through the EverQuest Worlds mobile app, fans have been able to unlock access to the latest in the saga of the Teir'Dal, The Fall of Bastion, by Robert Lassen.

The story follows the first novella, The Last Stand of the Teir'Dal, written by Maxwell Alexander Drake. The books provide some insight into the rebooted EverQuest Next lore, where the different divisions of elves are not separate races, but individual social classes. (In The Last Stand, the Teir'Dal are not dark elves, as they've been in previous EverQuest iterations, but a warrior class.) Get up to speed with the new lore by reading A Brief History of Norrath.

Click the cover image or text link below to download The Fall of Bastion as a .pdf file.


The Fall of Bastion

Have you read the EverQuest Next lore books? Give us your review and thoughts on the new lore (sans spoilers, please) in the comments below!

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