Podcast Contains New Information on Combat and Group Play in EverQuest Next and Landmark

Podcast Contains New Information on Combat and Group Play in EverQuest Next and Landmark

We got a few tidbits of great new EverQuest and EverQuest Next Landmark information when MMORPG.com sat down with Dave Georgeson, EverQuest Franchise Director of Development, plus all the EverQuest franchise Producers, Thom Terrazas (EQ), Holly Longdale (EQ2), and Terry Michaels (EQN/Landmark) for their Game On podcast this week. Here are some highlights.

There's been a lot of speculation about EverQuest Next Landmark's recently announced combat system. Is combat in Landmark going to be the exact same system players will experience in EverQuest Next?

“We can talk a little bit about that,” Michaels said. “We want to make sure that the moment-to-moment fun of combat that’s going to be in EverQuest Next is part of the combat we have in Landmark. But it won’t be the full multi-classing system that we talked about for Next. It will be... I don’t want to say simpler, but there’ll be less options, perhaps. We want to focus on different ways that you can play the game and try to hone in on those, rather than having players try to hone in on them themselves.”  

Michaels pointed out that there will still be different types of combat--ranged, spell casting, and the like--but we won’t see the 40 collectible classes in Landmark that will play a big role in EverQuest Next.

When asked about the Adventurer class that was announced for Landmark, Michaels spilled some news we haven’t heard yet. “When we introduce combat, we’re going to have to introduce a couple of other classes into Landmark to allow for the different play styles,” he said. “We have yet to determine if they would transfer directly over [to EverQuest Next] like the Adventurer class would.”

Dave Georgeson seemed to contradict him, however, saying that multiple classes in Landmark were less likely than multiple weapon-swapping options.

“We’re probably going to change a couple of the little systems to make Landmark be its own critter,” he said. “One of the things we’re talking about is that maybe [the Adventurer class] can swap out weapons more. That that particular class can swap out the attack options that you need, different weapons. That’s how they would switch between melee and ranged and spells. Whereas in EQN, a class only has a couple of weapons to go with that class, and you’re collecting all those different classes to adopt and find unique combat styles. In Landmark, there will be fewer options, and so we’re going to allow you to use them within just the one class, rather than coming up with a whole bunch of different classes.”

Again, this keeps me wondering just how close we are to the Landmark beta when the team doesn't quite seem to be on the same page about combat design.

When it comes to EverQuest Next, however, both Georgeson and Michaels said some encouraging things, especially about rewarding exploration and group play. “We’re going to be really blatant about rewarding group play,” Georgeson said. “It’s a social game, and we will be extremely open about the fact that we will reward group play.” He also talked about giving death teeth, all things that should make an old school EQ player's heart beat a little faster. (I know mine did!)

The podcast contains some great information about the entire EverQuest franchise. Go have a listen, and I'm sure you'll consider that half hour of your time well spent.


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