The Power of Landmark - Summary of Building and Gameplay in New Video

The Power of Landmark - Summary of Building and Gameplay in New Video

SOE released a new video introduction to EQN Landmark today. It’s brimming with never-before-seen footage - what new, concrete information can we glean from it? There’s no speculation here, folks. Much of the information below was revealed during the November live stream, but this is the first time we've seen it laid out neatly in a promotional format. Check out the list below for a succinct summary of everything the video shows us that’s worth mentioning. Below that, you can watch the video itself.


  • Non-voxel placeables are scalable, and can be resized, rotated and freely moved. [0:58, 2:35]

  • You’ll be able to paint voxels with a number of different brushes.  It’s not just Minecraft-style block placing. [1:00 onward]

  • You can clone sections you’ve built. [2:26]

  • There is a smoothing brush that erodes hard edges. [1:37]

  • Materials aren’t locked into static X-Y-Z configurations, like Minecraft.  You can draw voxels at any angle. [2:00]

  • Terrain can be re-painted.  In the video, grass is repainted as snow. [2:08]

  • Placeable light-sources actually do dynamically light their surroundings. [2:25]



  • The world is populated by monsters, apparently everywhere! [0:23]

  • Items grant characters new abilities, such as flying, attacks, building/item augmentation of some sort. [0:44]

  • These items can be powered-up/boosted. [0:48]

  • As you explore the world, you’ll constantly see player change and player builds.  Like a huge Minecraft server. [3:07]

  • Titles and achievements will exist as rewards for fighting, exploring, etc. [3:28]

  • Marketplaces will exist where players can sell their creations in-game for virtual currency. [3:46]

  • Player Studio will allow players to sell their creations for real-world currency.  Not exactly new information, but confirmation’s always nice! [3:58]



  • Standard, Minecraft-style hotbar.  Default keymapped to 1-9. [1:00]

  • Brush information pane in the upper-lefthand corner of the UI.  Details include brush type, size, shape, and material. [1:00]

  • Some option to change “mode” (I know I promised no speculation, but, presumably relates to switching between building and exploration modes.) [1:00]


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