Tears of Veeshan Lore and Open Beta Date in EQ2 Producer's Letter

Tears of Veeshan Lore and Open Beta Date in EQ2 Producer's Letter

It's really all about the dragons. The lore of EverQuest II's upcoming expansion, Tears of Veeshan, evolves around a powerful, evil dragon, an ancient artifact, and a trip to the afterlife to confer with another ancient dragon to help save Norrath from mortal peril. EQ2 Senior Producer Holly Longdale gave the details, plus an open beta start date, in her latest Producer's Letter.

Hello again, Norrathians!

We are all getting ready to usher in our next expansion, EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan (ToV)…and not a moment too soon! Open Beta is being prepared now for Oct. 15 and launch is coming on Nov. 12!

In ToV, our next epic chapter unfolds! Kerafyrm, the great, evil prismatic dragon, has stolen a powerful artifact known as the Tear of Veeshan and slain Yelinak – Norrath’s wisest and eldest dragon. The New Combine Army that united Norrath’s peoples is fractured and powerless and it is said that Kerafyrm’s plots now reach far beyond Norrath. In fact, his plans are rumored to reach beyond time and space to all existence! You and your allies will be all that stands in his way.

The story begins in our overland, Vesspyr: The Eternal Broodlands, as you reunite with Yelinak who will unravel a story of horrors that will lead you down a path to thwarting Kerafyrm’s dark intentions.

Vesspyr is the location in Ethernere – the Norrathian afterlife -- where all dragons pass when they die. There will be several well-known and interesting dragons found here in addition to Yelinak, including Harla Dar, Darathar, and Lord Vymm. Vesspyr connects to 9 dungeons with a variety of advanced solo, heroic, and raid instances with Shissar, Bixie, High Keep, Nexus, and Temple of Veeshan themes. There’s a lot of quests and missions too that will reveal the local storylines in each dungeon. Our designers will start digging into these themes with you really soon in some articles online.

Let’s not forget the arrival of the new Channeler class with the expansion as well as lots of new items created with our new Itemization plan. The design team added some items on Oct. 1 in the Djinn Master and Pirate Kings dungeons that give you a sneak peek into the plan that’s coming (more on that here: https://www.everquest2.com/news/everquestii-items-djinn-master-tov). As we head into Beta, the team will likely post the bulk of the Itemization plan online for your reference.

ToV will introduce new Dragon-themed AAs for each archetype, as well as raise the AA cap to 340. Crafters will get new recipes, including tradeskill apprentice recipes, as well as a new tradeskill quest line! And as part of our content update available to everyone, we’re adding Mercenary slots and the Tier 4 Guild Hall too!

There’s details to come, but we wanted to introduce the expansion now and invite you to join us for Beta on Oct. 15! More news and details on the ToV features will be coming soon!

P.S. Don’t forget Nights of the Dead creeping up on Oct. 15 too!

Sincerely, always,

Holly Longdale
Sr. Producer
EverQuest II

Source: official site

A new class, new AAs, and lots to explore make this a can't-miss expansion for EQ2 players. Are you ready to explore Ethernere and hang out with dragons?

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