The Wire - Wet 'N' Wild Friday Recap

The Wire - Wet 'N' Wild Friday Recap

Wrap the week up with a recap of all the latest Landmark news in The Wire. The big news this week is all about the addition of water to Landmark, but an early update next week may hold a few more surprises for players.

As always, we'll start things off with a shout-out to the Landmark community.

Community Shout-Out: A Sea of Voxels

Since the big news in Landmark this week is the addition of oceans, it seems only fitting that our community shout-out be themed as such. And I think that I've found just the thing.

Today's community shout-out goes @scopesofter on Twitter for this awesome Landmark build on the open sea. It has pirate ships and water. All we need now are a few ninjas. Enjoy!

Weekly Recap


Monday was relatively quiet. Next Monday, however, won't be. Keep reading for more on that.


One of the lengthy discussions on the official Landmark forums this week involved the use of external programs or websites to help design Landmark builds for the Landmarks of Landmark contest. While the programs have no direct integration with Landmark and can't be imported into the game, Director of Development Dave Georgeson chimed in on the rather lengthy discussion to give his take. It probably won't surprise anyone.

"Considering that nothing external can be imported into the game, anything you do outside the game is just conceptual. Knock yourselves out."

Tuesday also saw the release of a new EverQuest Next developer diary video that featured Lead Content Designer Steve "Moorgard" Danuser, Creative Director Jeff Butler, and Senior Game Designer Bill Trost. The crew talked about the evolution of lore in SOE's upcoming MMORPG.

Lead Systems Designer Michael "Avair" Mann also dropped by the Landmark forums to update his original post on stats and add a few clarification points.

The patch arrived on time this week to deliver the first iteration of water with the first iteration of oceans. That's a lot of iterations. Along with that relics and talismans underwent some changes, and some tweaks were made to the camera and rotate/translate option. The update also dropped some additional changes to crafting, which you can use our handy recipe guides to keep track of while you're out harvesting. There are even prop pictures. Enjoy!

Wednesday was also the deadline for the Landmarks of Landmark competitions. The devs are now making their final selections (presumably over beer) and we should know who the winners are sometime next week.

Wednesday was also Landmark Live day, where SOE recapped the latest update and Dave Georgeson showed off an awesome new building technique to create giant spheres in Landmark. Shayalyn put together a recap of all the highlights, so be sure to check it out if you missed it.


On Thursday players reported an issue with the Selection Tool that was causing quite a bit of frustration. Luckily, SOE quickly tracked down the problem after the reports were made and a fix is in the works. In the meantime, there is a workaround.

"The issue is with collision checks. We're receiving a message on the selection tool when you click down on the volume, and using this to start the dragging events. Now that the arrows have been moved slightly off of the box when it's super small, these are no longer within the boundaries of the collision. To get around this issue for the moment, try turning your camera to where you can click on the corner while it's visually hovering over the box itself."

Community Manager Colette "Dexella" Murphy also dropped in on another Landmark forum thread to respond to a discussion about server wipes, which the devs addressed on Wednesday's Landmark Live episode. If you missed out on that, catch the previously mentioned recap from Shayalyn. But on the subject of wipes and purchased resources, Dexella added this:

Hi everyone,

First, if you missed last night’s Landmark Live when we announced this change, you check it out on YouTube or embedded below (the discussion begins at right around 48 minutes until 53 minutes, and then continues again at 57:20):

A few key points from the stream:

  • We’re trying to keep wipes as limited and infrequent as possible. Ideally, the only one that will happen during Closed Beta is the one when we introduce claims, though as Dave says in the video, if we need to when other features are introduced, we will do them. If/when a wipe is coming, we will notify you.
  • The wipe with the introduction to caves (which is a few weeks away) is claims-only. You will be notified before the wipe happens.
  • What you keep in the wipe from Closed Beta to Open Beta: anything you purchased (pack items & exchange/marketplace), giveaway items, and templates (and your claims will be packaged up as templates).

Now, to answer some of the questions I’ve seen in the thread (some of which were also addressed during the stream):

  • Resources purchased from the Exchange (Marketplace) will be returned to you during a wipe. They will be returned to you in the form you purchased them, regardless of how you used them during Closed Beta. (So, if you bought a bundle of copper, you’ll get back a bundle of copper; if you used the resources to make an item, the item will be wiped and the raw materials returned to you -- this is how it happened during the switch from Alpha to Closed Beta as well).
  • Giveaway items like a Lunar Anklet and a Feather in a Bottle and other similar items will be treated like Marketplace items. They’ll be returned to the person who redeemed the key.
  • If someone traded an item to you during Closed Beta, it will be returned to the original owner (purchaser/key redeemer) during the wipe from Closed to Open Beta.
  • Deleting a character on your own is different from a wipe – if you delete your character, you will lose Marketplace items & Giveaways until the wipe. These are only returned to you if/when there’s a wipe.
  • There are no plans for a wipe between Open Beta and Live/Launch.

Things may change as the game changes. As we learn/see/discover new things, or as our plans change for the game, we’re keeping you updated (and will continue to keep you updated) as quickly and as best we can.

I’ll update the top post in this thread with post as well. If you have additional comments/questions, please continue to post them.



Landmark Live returns next Wednesday with a special guest host as Community Manager Colette "Dexella" Murphy is joined by everybody's favorite dwarf, Director of Community Relations Linda "Brasse" Carlson. The two will be sharing some "special SOE Live news" and will also have some special guests from the dev team. So be sure to check it out on Twitch next Wednesday at 4PM PDT.

If you have a question for the devs, tweet it to #LandmarkLive and #AskLandmark and you just might get an answer during the livestream.

Let's end the week with some good news. Next week's Landmark patch will be on Monday. That's right, the weekly closed beta content update is dropping a couple of days early next week. And that's a first since alpha. So expect the servers to come down on Monday for the update at 8AM PDT with a planned downtime of about 2-4 hours. Patch notes will be posted in the Updates subforum at that time.

Unfortunately there are no patch notes as of yet, but given that it's dropping early, we can probably speculate that it will likely be something big or very complicated, and the early week addition may be to allow for any needed hotfix downtimes throughout the week. That or it's simply a regular update that they're just pushing out early. Let the speculation begin!

Community Events & Contests

Leyspring Theater
If you're looking to lend a hand with the further development of the excellent Leyspring community, be sure to drop by the Leyspring website to learn more. The very talented Voidlust is currently heading up the community's endeavor to create the new Leyspring Theater and they're looking for help to do it.

Leyspring Cavern Crawer's Premier Event: The Mystery of Sir Kane's Keep
The good people of Leyspring are at it again. The crew will soon be hosting a dungeon crawl adventure event on Adventure server's Levee Island NW of the hub. You can keep tabs on the details in their Landmark forum event thread or message the event coordinator, Guroff, in-game for additional details. I'll also keep updating in future additions of The Wire. Stay tuned.

Founding Landmark Roleplay Event
When: 6PM PDT on Saturday, May 10th
Where: Serenity server's Gully Island

If you're a roleplayer and looking for other like-minded individuals to have some fun with, you may want to drop by Aiola's Founding of Landmark Roleplay event on May 10th. The event will be an out-of-character round table style discussion with the goal of bringing roleplayers together and formulate and network ideas. You can read more about the event on the Landmark forums.

User Generated Content Tools

I wanted to take this time to point out our handy set of free user-generated content tools (UGC) for those of you that haven’t tried them out yet. If you enjoy writing guides, are looking for a place to blog, or just want to show off some of your Player Studio work for the entire EverQuest franchise, be sure to check them out. They’re easy to use and we welcome any feedback that you might have on improving them.

If you decide to give them a try, Shayalyn has also put together a few handy tips that you may find useful. Give it a go and let us know what you think.

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If you want to get in on the fun of discussing EverQuest Next and Landmark with the developers, you'll find the developers' Twitter accounts listed on the Tweet the Devs page on the official EverQuest Next site.

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